Tuesday, May 25, 2010

restful day

totally had sufficient of sleep since the day i came back from melaka, which was 2 days ago.

enjoy melaka food. i would love to have sate celup for dinner every week. haha.. (sate celup is more likely suitable for supper than dinner actually). too bad we didnt had the chance to try out a superbly nice cendol, which leave us in remorse before leaving the city. dreadful durian cendol we had, arghh.. it is proven that expensive food aint quality food.

we missed out baba nyonya food too. nevermind then, hopefully there will be a next trip to melaka and this time, i aint gonna drive. tiring to drive such distance, although not really a long one, but still.. tiring..

guess what? i had been sleeping throughout these days. i arrived home by 2am in the morn on monday (precisely on tuesday), slept on 3am and woke at 3pm. an hour of lunch break then back to 'work' again, sleep from 4pm till 7.30pm. late that night, slept at 1am till 11am next day (which is today). shockingly, i had my nap too from 3.30pm till 6pm. whoa! i dont think i can ever break my own record on this. XD.

photos will be uploaded once the photographer gives me them. will really love to share the snapshots we took during our trips. next stop on, mount KK!

Friday, May 21, 2010

redang trip ends.. coming up next.. MELAKA!

it is like cuti cuti Malaysia for me during this sem break. back from the eastern coast. in the next few days, i will be going southbound along the western coast. nice..

some comments on redang trip..

1) tiring. 5 to 6 hours of bus trip isnt a good option. we had to comply with the long travel because we are so last minute in planning the trip. envy those early birds who get to enjoy the cheap air fare. nevermind then, i believe we had a good time chatting on bus, take it as an opportunity to know each other even better. ^^

2) kuala terengganu's chinatown is way too hygiene and organised compared to KL's 'chee cheong gai'. i can bet that every KL-ians who take a step into KT's chinatown, they will be impressed.

3) snorkeling definitely isnt fun anymore. 2 days of snorkeling activities made me 'snorkel-phobia', especially on the 1st snorkeling on the 2nd day, i felt like wanna throw up, most probably because of the heavy breakfast. and thanks to those persons who accidentally step on the corals previously, which is actually killing the corals unintentionally, the corals are dying and what we can only see was dead corals. colorful corals we saw on tv are all fakers.

4) redang's sea is blue in color. i did not imagine the blue-ness of the sea until i personally saw one. everyone was talking about how beautiful the view of the beach and bla bla bla, only personal experience can help you visualise the beauty of it. a picture tells a thousand words, no doubt a personal experience, it tells all.

5) remember to bring sufficient sunblock. i believe guys must have a dark complexion like louis koo only can be consider 'yeng', thus i did not apply any sunblock and i get my desired result, just too bad that i am still not as 'yeng' as louis koo. haha.. so advice for those who are planning to go there on their next trip, unless you want to be tanned, else please apply sunblock.

we had a great time in redang. everyone is in their holiday mood, we played like we never played games before. retarded volleyball game, dodgeball, '007-bang', 'one-frog-jumps-into-the-pond-dum'.. (only those who played these games knew what am i saying about i guess. haha.) really had a nice time with you guys.

karaoke session is also a hit. everyone was so enthuse into the activity. applauses and whistles could be heard. the climax only came almost when the resolution is near, where we sang 'zhu fu- jacky cheung', 'hoi fut tin hoong - beyond'. lastly, we truly wish coming graduating chemist a bright journey ahead when they come out to work. although leaving lots of memories behind, we might also doesnt have the chance to even travel again in the future, but those memories we had are truly precious, please keep them not only as a memory, but also a part of you, for i will, and i believe all of us will, keep it as a part of us.

did you ever experience listening to the seawaves, hitting the shore? it creates an undefined calmness in you. i really missed the days i had in redang, but life's gonna move on. though having the greatest time of my sem break in redang, but still, i am not totally into the madness, for there is still something missing in me. my heart isnt with me. where to? i dont know.. i gave it away, that's what i recalled..

next stop on the list is melaka. 1 day trip on the 23rd.. our only intention, is to eat, eat and eat.. good thing is, i wont gain weight by eating that much, which is also a bad thing for me. sate celup, chicken rice balls, durian cendol, baba nyonya laksa... yum yum!

speaking about food, not forgetting puchong's night trip. yesterday gone to puchong to look for hoel with kim and nisew. guess what's up for dinner? bitter gourd soup with plenty of side dishes. see if i can name it right. there is stir fry pig's placenta, deep fried pork with 'nam-yu' (南乳, the dish is also known as 炸肉), stir fry vege, bitter gourd soup with pig's livers and intestines, and thai style tofu. that's all i guess. after dinner, had a walk at IOI mall puchong. shrek's up on the screen and we bought tickets for 11pm session. tried tutti frutti yogurt ice cream during our 1 hour free time before the show starts, and had sat down for coffee at sense cafe. (wonder how painful my wallet is... XD) days end at 1am, and still, i am depressed all the way home.

hope the full pack activities over the weekend will cure my depression, although it sounds absurd to cure depression just in one weekend..

just too bad i cant share the snapshots i had in redang now since the photo is not in my hands yet. will like to share it here once i got it. ^^

Thursday, May 13, 2010

holiday boredom

holiday is like a nightmare to me. makes me too lazy to do anything. since monday, besides a futsal session with my uni-mates, i had nothing to do, nothing to look forward to besides awaiting for the redang vacation trip.

speaking of the trip, i am also a little worry i might not be in my fittest condition. my cough had been serious recently, and sorethroat makes my life worse. wake up in the morning, hardly inhale any oxygen due to nose blockage, and the throbbing pain in my throat, is the last thing you will ever want to try. every morning i doubt that i will have the voice to speak for that day.

nevermind about the sorethroat, i will be heading to redang anyway. redang by this saturday, and another adventure is awaiting me - conquer mount KK. 4th Oct 2010.. regretted that i did not book my air tickets earlier, so i will have to board and unboard the plane alone.. how pity is that.. now since i am confirmed to the hiking, much more i needed to do to keep my stamina optimum for the hike. jogging everyday perhaps? xD.. not my style.. maybe once a week or twice a week will do good.

redang trip.. RM420.. mount KK hike.. RM800+. what else.. i still needed a hiking shoe.. gosh.. gonna cost me some money too.. sad...

eventually, the good thing about holiday is, i can have time to read my books. bought 'slumdog millionaire'.. read it halfway, personally thinks it is a good book. ^^. other stuffs to settle are to pack my notes, clean my room, settle some bill payment.. hmm.. that's all i think..

yesterday i been to connaught psr mlm, shopping for some short pants. bought 2.. one which is a beach pants, and another is casual pants. too bad, i underestimated my waist size.. i thought 30 in. will be just nice for my waist, unfortunately, the cutting is way too different from pants i bought previously. 30 in. is 'just' too nice, fitted too perfectly, until i felt that it is 'overperfected'. should have chose size 32.. maybe gonna change it by next week, or else, my brother will be the beneficiary for my pants.. i think his waist is only 29.. and there goes my RM20... zzz..

Monday, May 3, 2010

1st subject.. done for good..

people says the first time in anything is always the hardest. the first time you walk while you are still a child, you will definitely fall. the first time you ride a bike, you will fall too. the first time you drive on the road alone, you will tend to be nervous and normally, something bad is gonna happen. the first time you have sex..... erm, better not talk about that.

as every semester final exam commences, the first subject is always the toughest to get satisfaction. i did my first paper today. it is hydraulic, less favorite subject, but a favorite lecturer we have for this subject, because he wont fail anyone. although not failing in this subject seems to be the best news ever, i am still a little upset because i did not perform well enough. there are many 'IF's. if i had go through 2 past year papers instead of only one, i would have better chance of securing a C, C+ or B- in this subject. I wouldnt have so much worry now. if i can be a little more discipline in the first place, i wont be facing insufficient time which caused me not to go through 2 past year papers.

though it is hard to go through this first paper, eventually everyone came out from the exam hall with a smile on their face, including me, which laughed all the way until i board to my car. maybe laughing is the only way to release our stress i guess. maybe we just felt relieved because all it's over now. maybe everyone's expectation aint high too. who knows? haha..

2nd paper is coming up in 2 days from now.. to be exact, it is 1 day and 19.5 hours to go. have to keep up the good work tonight. hope other subjects will give me a better result to at least balance my GPA, due to the low grade in the 1st subject.

all the best! and though with so much things to do, in so little time, i still have time to think about you every moment i read through my notes. it is a motivation i guess.. maybe it is the thing that keeps me moving eventhough i am feverish and having a bad bad sorethroat 2 days ago, which last till today..

Thursday, April 29, 2010

study mode on

thanks to friends who comforted me today. every opinion counts, all gives me different views in the problem i am facing. now my worries had been lesser, i finally can start on my studies. to....., hope you will keep your promise and take care yourself well. i will try my best to get to you during my redang trip. (redang seems to be hard to receive phone signals.)

Liverpool playing A.Madrid later. Hope they can clinch the win and setup for a finals in the Europa League.


a day to remember, i scored 10 goals today in my futsal game. nice^^.. didnt score so many before.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

not-so-good day..

it is like i havent been sleeping for ages. i slept till 1pm today, and continue sleeping by 4. my evening nap gives me the creeps. had a bad nightmare. real bad. the nap in the evening is actually to pull me out from reality for a certain period, too bad, the reality stucks with me until into my dreams. the nightmare, comes from a bad news.

after the sleep, even my heart felt the pain. not pain literally, but it is actual pain. quite worry at first, but after some time being awake, everything is back to normal. just that, there are some things wont be back to normal. i am trying to make myself back to my study mood after the nap, tried taking some happy-foods (means food which increase our endorphine level or produces serotonin, both are happy hormones in our human body i guess). drank milk, ate cheese cake. helps a little, at least i wont feel very very depress anymore. ok, besides eating, i needed someone to talk too. luckily i had this bestie..

well, everything seems to be back on track, until..... i walked the night market tonight. haix, why so... why i just cant think openly.. why i cant just let go of my jealousy.. why my thinking will just wander off to unhappy stuffs? why me? i know i should not be unhappy, i should not be jealous, i should not have such feelings, because we are friends now. i really want to let you go thoroughly, but i know i cant too. i am just too possessed with you. in other words, i love you. i am a jack-ass, an imbecile, should not be suffering my soul in this way, sorry to my soul.

as i told a friend in return, i told her, turn all your 'boh-songness' to study mood. finishing this blog, i will try my best to do so too..

Sunday, April 25, 2010

successful cake baking experience

back from klang today. went straight to her house. the moment i passed the cake over her hands, it's like having a recap of the very smile i once saw, the sweetest smile i can see on her face. i knew she was happy, though i doubt that is she surprise to see me or not.

it's the first time i bake a cake. she is the lucky one to try it first before anyone else, including myself. i do hope to make an extra one for my family and friends, but due to the budget restraint, i will leave it to next time.

a home baked marble cheese cake for her birthday. a special present for a special person. i do hope she likes it. previously i was so depressed that i found no encouragement in baking this cake for her, i lost my initial aim to bake until yesterday. i knew that it doesnt matters when people appreciate you or not sometimes, especially if he/she is the special one for you, as long as you see her happy, it's the greatest gift of all. it seems easy to carry out such attitude towards such scenario, but when it comes to practical, it aint as easy as we thought.

while baking the cake, besides determined to fulfill my promise, i also hope the cake can put a smile on her face. i want her to be happy. the cake is baked not with depression anymore, not with love either, but with joy. i dont dare to hope for a chance, which for i knew, it is the slightest chance we might be together again. i will still wait though.

hope that every year from now, i can bake a cake for your birthday. this year's birthday, i hope it is a meaningful one for you.

the recipe book is a good recipe book. hope to photostat it for my own records. the thing i learnt in this cake baking experience is, a lot of tissues are needed.. haha.. tissues are needed to clean up my hand before movinig on to the next step in the baking process, tissues are needed to clean the oily equipment before using the equipment for other purposes, tissues are needed to wipe this and that. i owe you a lot of tissues sin tat. *laugh*

while having the biggest joy of baking the cake, the process still needs certain skills. thanks to my friend, sin tat and his mother, who gave me tips and share their experience of baking a cake. thanks to his family too for being supportive. thanks for bringing me to enjoy a nice bak kut teh breakfast at 'under the bridge' (according to the locals, it's how they called it). And today is the first time i drove on the NPE while driving back from klang. haha.. expensive. now i understand why my cousins who studied in taylor will complain about the toll expenses everytime they used the NPE.

photos of the cake will be posted on facebook. keke.. not many photos were taken because my hands were too oily and dirty to hold on to my phone along the baking process.